Dusia is an accomplished creative leader with over 20 years of multinational experience in design, art, and strategic visual communication. She has an in-depth knowledge of branding, advertising, marketing, and packaging design. Dusia is passionate about all aspects of art and believes that beautiful design makes the world a better place.


Throughout her career as a designer, Dusia managed creative teams in a corporate setting and worked on solo projects. As an architect, she designed trade show expo booths. Dusia worked as an art director for advertising agencies, such as J. Walter Thompson Worldwide and Grey Group. Dusia executed advertising campaigns at a publishing house as a creative director.

Nowadays Dusia works with private companies and brands that are looking to elevate their impact on the market via clear brand identity and modern design.


Critical thinking
Team management 3 – 30 people
Branding, creative direction, marketing
Presentations, pitch decks, sales collateral
Print, web, packaging design
Photo and video production
Budget monitoring and vendor relations


For the artwork to be complete and relevant, all components including shapes, colors, and meanings, must be balanced and arranged properly. The environment is aligned with intentions, therefore creating a balanced and purposeful design. Good design reflects the true nature of objects.

Being an artist and designer teaches me to be present, to pay attention to the subtleties, to forever continue on the path of self-discovery, and to embrace change (materials! techniques! processes! attitude!). And to know when it is the time to stop and let go of the creation, so the design can live in the world and serve its purpose. 


Dusia resides in Southern California with her dogs. She loves early morning meditation, spending time with animals, camping in the desert, dancing at music festivals, long road trips with the dogs, homemade vegan meals, and pickled tomatoes. She is inspired by free-thinkers Marc Chagall, Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Ella Baker, Albrecht Dürer, Anne Frank, Anton Corbijn, Astrid Lindgren, Alexander Rodchenko, Santiago Calatrava, Philip K. Dick, Rosa Parks, Victor Pelevin, Carlos Castaneda, Princess Diana, Wes Anderson, Bob Marley, Amelia Earhart, Albert Einstein, Alexey Navalny, and Ana Garcia. Dusia believes that anything is possible.

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